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7 Tips on How to Write a Novel

What is a novel? It is nothing else but an invented story of considerable length that deals imaginatively with human experience. Usually through a connected sequence of events. Writing it requires mostly a good imagination.

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Prewriting strategies and its best use

Starting an essay can be challenging for everybody. When it comes to writing we all have the same problem: where to start? Even when you have clear ideas with lots of material on it you still struggle and have no idea on how to put them on a paper. It’s every writer’s dilemma and it’s perfectly normal. Believe it or not, there was a lot of planning behind this article too. It doesn’t matter if you’re a junior, a senior, or even an experienced writer you’ll still start with a blank computer screen. You may even know everything about drafting and editing, and we all know writing and editing go hand in hand, but your main issue right now is how to get to that first draft and what comes in between your blank page and a final paper that will contain your elaborate thoughts in a coherent and nicely articulated essay.

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Stages of The Writing Process

There are people who need to stare at the blank page for an eternity before getting started and there are others who would start without thinking twice. When I was in college, the guy who sat next to me said he believed my pencil was magical. Silly, isn’t it? That the words would just flow whenever my pencil hit the paper. Come on… there is no such thing as a magical pencil.

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7 Simple Steps to Learn How to Write a Perfect Essay

Learn How to Write a Perfect Essay

Very often young learners hate making the compositions. They write for various purposes. It may be admission, test, competition etc. One way or another, it becomes a challenge. Fortunately, there are many ways for anyone to learn how to write well, and everyone is able to acquire them if they adhere to the next algorithm and techniques while writing.

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How to Improve Writing Skills Being Pressed for Time

How to Improve Writing Skills Being Pressed for Time
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Reflective Essay Definition

reflection of chess