How to Write an Essay


1. Grab the attention with the first paragraph

Your ultimate goal is to catch the attention and make the readers interested in what you tell about. Thus, do not miss a chance to do that from the very beginning. Make a bright introduction and make the readers believe that you have done a quality custom college essay worth their attention.

How can you come into your readers’ notice?

  • Start with a thought-provoking question.
  • Make your statement bold.
  • Find an impressive quote.
  • Embarrass the readers placing them in the middle of a talk or an event.
  • Address the reader directly.
  • Inform the reader what is not going to be in the essay.
  • Sometimes the best way to start a college essay can be a one-word paragraph.

2. Avoid being anonymous, appear as a real person

There are a number of good ways to start an essay, but do not choose the most widespread ones. Try not to be like thousands of other applicants who use the same techniques to be noticed. Your admission is different from a newspaper article, and you do not want to fade behind the described events. The fact that you are good at collecting facts and organizing the material is not the most prominent feature of this type of essay. What makes a good college essay is the presence of the real author, a bright personality with a unique voice. Be funny, skeptical, honest, or provocative, but have an individual voice.

3. Never be boring

Making attempts to learn a lot about how to make an essay interesting, do not overdo. You will sound heavy on hand, trying to be intellectual. Be unique, not excessively smart – that is the key. Think about your admission as about a date with the commission. You want to make them interested in further meetings; so, be funny, caring, nice, smart, and not dull. Voice your opinions and you will be heard.

4. Make your story good-looking

The form is as important as content. Take care of minor details, which will make your essay perfect. A readable font with bold typeface used appropriately will make a difference. Keep balance: try not to make your essay crowded at the top of the page. Mind the margins. Do not forget to add an essay prompt. Even if your text is unique, inconsistent paragraphs will spoil the impression. Indent the paragraphs or use the block style with an extra space between the paragraphs kept to the left margin. Have a look at all the examples of capitalization and dialogues in your text. Check on the spelling and punctuation as well.  Now you have a quality custom college essay written in style.

5. Find an interesting perspective

Stand out by looking at things from an unexpected perspective. An essay prompt gives you a direction, but you can follow it in your individual way.

  • Try taking a negative approach. If the question is about your aspirations and hopes, why not write about what you have never hoped.
  • Make your story mysterious. Do not answer the given prompt right away. If the question is about your plans in education, reveal the actual plans only in the last sentence and enjoy the readers’ reaction. Thus, you can start with describing flowers, presenting the benefits of observing the fauna, analyzing the feelings you have about the environment to conclude with the idea of studying biology.
  • Your answer can be hidden in the story prompt, a descriptive text, or a moral tale. You decide.

6. Keep to the principle of clarity and logics

Any personal statement topic requires a logical sequence of ideas which make sense to those who read it. Having made a draft, you can try looking at the essay from the perspective of a reader. Does it sound nice? Has it had smooth transitions between the ideas? Is the text arranged properly and organized well? Is the beginning good? How can you describe the ending? Is background information sufficient?

Address different kinds of audiences when you want to help the readers get a thorough understanding of what you want to write about. Ask one of your friends to read through it. Test it also with your sister or brother, your mom or dad, your teacher or your parent’s friends. Do not expect the judgments. Just ask them to read through the text and tell which main idea they see there. If you see that your readers are confused and they see a focus on a different aspect than initially expected, make the corrections. You need a well-written text to present yourself – follow that plan.

7. Make the impression long-lasting

Keep in your mind that a quality custom college essay has the main idea at the very end. Readers tend to remember the last things said. Do not simply summarize what you have said; instead, give the memorable ideas that arouse emotions. Even one well-phrased sentence can capture more attention than a long meaningless paragraph. Write from the bottom of your heart!

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31 January, 2021