prompts for high school leaners

It happens often that young learners strive to create a good piece of writing, but they find it extremely stressful because of the lack of appropriate knowledge. Everyone should remember that they may say they don’t like writing and can’t do that only after they try all the available means of acquiring skills in this field. Anyway, it is more effective to learn the peculiarities of writing a specific essay type if you have the exact cases that assist you while learning.

So, here is the great list of proper suggestions, ideas and subjects making together writing prompts for high school that are most widely applied and discussed during the educational process and which can be projected with no effort to some similar subjects you work on.

Have a look at these persuasive writing prompts:

  • When it comes to walking-around money, parents usually have two different approaches to treating their kids. Some allow spending money to teach their kids to distribute them effectively no matter what the kids do or don’t do, and some set certain requirements for kids to perform so that to receive money. In your opinion, which strategy is better? Give your reasons.
  • The prominent and famous sportsmen usually get huge amounts of money for their activity. Do you think this tendency is justifiable? Prove your point of view.
  • If you pave your way to the concluding stage of getting accepted to the job position you’ve aspired to for a very long time, what will be your words and actions to prove an interviewer that you meet all the requirements and suit the place the best?
  • The governments of many states set the system of tax payment this way: the more a person earns, the more they give back to a commonwealth. Some other states, though, have a fixed tax for all the physical bodies no matter how much they earn. Which approach do you consider to be more efficient? Compare both of them and define their pros and cons.
  • There exists a common belief that everything which is important in our lives gets acquired with the greatest effort. Do you support this belief? If not, what is your attitude? Illustrate and provide explanation of your viewpoint.
  • Are there things which are so valuable for you that you’ll stick to them no matter what? Demonstrate the importance of such things.
  • To your mind, how reasonable it is to set up cosmic platforms at our only natural satellite and other planets?

We’ve got some writing prompts for teens as well:

  • You know that many schools that aren’t state ones have developed a certain dress-code for their pupils. Do state schools have to introduce such a demand as well? Explain your viewpoint.
  • Sometimes it feels that some parents are rather friends with their children than their mentors. What approach is more correct in the form of relationship between parents and children?
  • There are a lot of educational institutions demanding their students to do some socially useful activity on a voluntary basis. This condition has its followers as well as opponents stating that such a work can’t be referred to as a volunteer one. What do you personally think about it?
  • There are countries where a person can receive the right to drive a car when they are already sixteen. A lot of people, though, agree that it is early for a person to drive at such age. Who do you support?
  • What genre do you like to read and watch? Give examples and try to send a message and provoke interest in your choice.
  • What is your attitude to zoological gardens? Is it okay if animals are treated this way? Present your judgment in detail.
  • Different people perceive music differently while working. Some students consider it to be helpful. Would it be appropriate if learners listened to music while passing a test?

Here are the fantasy writing prompts:

  • How do you think, are there any other civilizations in the universe except the mankind? Present the arguments supporting your opinion.
  • Imagine that people are bestowed infinity. Will that bring more positive or negative consequences? Provide rationalization for your attitude.
  • If you had a chance to send a single thing via time travel machine to get to the successors of your civilization, which thing would it be?

Try out these visual writing prompts:

  • Have you ever thought about the things which could make your hometown better? Create a piece of writing persuading the public authorities to bring your ideas to life.
  • Do you remember some events you’ve become the reason of, that have brought a lot of good things to your life or that of other people? In your writing, prove how great it is to do something good.
  • Imagine that you need to persuade the arrangers of a big festival to hold it in your city. Give proofs of the advantages of your place over the other ones.
  • Recollect the location you’ve been to that has left an imprint on your mindset. Describe it so that a reader wanted to be there too.
  • Try to picture the following: you get acquainted with a person who has never dealt with a PC or a laptop in their life. You need to get your message across to this person and show the importance of the skill to work with electronic devices. What would you tell them?


Hopefully, the presented short writing prompts will stimulate your imagination and will help you to get better at different types of writing.

24 May, 2018