How to Write a Hook


If you want to write good, you must remember one essential thing – you have to attract a reader from the very beginning with the first words that will catch their eye. It is up to you to decide what kind of intriguing words to choose, whether they will be of a philosophical character or funny.

So, what is a hook in writing? You should know that this expressive means has to be presented as soon as your writing starts and you have to support it with an illustration, example, citation, anecdote etc.

The eye-catcher with a citation

In a creative writing practice, citations as attention getters are usually applied to a related writing type, that is, to some sort of book analyses or reviews or critics etc. An appropriate quotation or even excerpt can make your idea a lot more persuasive.

The writing strategies based on using a citation comprise two main approaches. You may explain a presented phrase right after you quote it, or you may unfold it within the framework of the whole writing making references here and there.

How to write a hook sentence

Sometimes it is better to be sharp and straightforward so that your writing sounded confident. Many people give credence to the content presented this way and prefer it over the other writing strategies.

Something like this: Illiteracy is still a huge problem throughout the world.

It will be the kind of your thesis statement. Consequently, you further must develop this idea be stating, for instance, where exactly and why this is happening, suggest possible ways and means that may be able to change the situation and provide a valuable conclusion.

Providing a stats

Writing a hook for an essay, consider using some statistical data or enumeration to apply to a reasonable and logical part of the readers’ consciousness.

See this example: 29% of California’s air pollution is from China. You claim then that it is connected with the fact that this country is densely populated very much and, in addition, has a huge amount of industrial institutions which are set up in its area. Continuing writing, you may say that it would be appropriate to take constructive measures for both of the countries to eliminate bad effects.

How to write a good hook

If you cannot come up with a decent attention-grabber at once, don’t get disappointed. You are totally welcome to do this when your writing is completed. Moreover, it may appear even more effective, as you’ll look for an eye-catcher on the basis of what’s already written. Thus, your hook will be more consistent and authentic.

A lot of people who have the experience in writing, have the habit of getting back to the initial part every time they finish their work.

Develop a plan of your written assignment

Take a look at the schematic representation of the skeleton of any writing.

  • First of all, you provide a thesis statement which is meant to be the prominent idea of the whole work. You don’t take a random subject. On the contrary, it must be well-considered and investigated as it is an introductory part of your writing which is designed to earn the readers’ trust.
  • Then, you give proofs for your thesis, holding it up with the appropriate examples, quotations, explanations, interpretations etc. This is the part in which you display information in detail trying to give the low-down of your subject matter.
  • The next stage which sums up the whole writing must be steady and reassuring. In this last part you may add a few facts acquired and explained during the process if possible.

As you consider the job is done, review the first part of your paper to formulate or improve your eye-catcher.

Remember that you can always modify certain parts of your writing in case you don’t find them good enough, and think of the appropriate structures and means, whether your own or the ones describing and fitting in your work perfectly, to develop your paper’s performance to its full extent.


24 May, 2018