Learn How to Write a Short Story (And Get It Published)

    Successful Short Story

    All traditional short stories follow the same rules in terms of structure, format, and content but how to write a short story that stands out of the crowd? The best short stories that impress publishers always have something special, something that grabs their attention and will surely keep the readers interested.

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      How to Write an Abstract: The Simplest Way Ever

      how to write an abstract

      While doing online search for scholarly articles, you have probably noticed that an abstract is the first thing you access, so its function is to provide the readers with a concise but comprehensive description of the paper content. But how to write an abstract that both accurately represents the research and attracts the readers’ attention? This article will explain how to write an abstract for a research paper on any topic. We will discuss the core elements of an abstract, such as the purpose of the research, problem statement, methodology, results, and conclusion. This checklist will be useful for any student who wants to know how to write an abstract that increases the chances of their publications being accessed and read.

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        How to Be a Good Writer with Outstanding Business Writing Skills

        Business Writing

        As high-school and college students, many people tend to think that there is no easy and straightforward answer to the question “How to be a good writer?” so why bothering looking for it. After all, they need writing skills only for these couple of years until the degree is obtained, and after that, their written communication will be limited to Facebook messages and Twitter posts. Hold on, and what about writing memos and proposals to clients, business letters, executive summaries, plans, and a lot of other texts all people in the business world have to write? Contrary to some students’ misconception, writing is an integral part of business life and good knowledge of business writing style and structure is absolutely essential at work.

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          Different Types of Writing Styles

          types of writing

          Different writing styles are used for different writing assignments. Despite of their variety, writing styles generally fall in four categories: narrative, descriptive, expository, and persuasive writing. Yet, in order to determine which style to use for different types of essays, we need to have a look at each category.

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            Creative Writing Prompts for High School Leaners

            prompts for high school leaners

            It happens often that young learners strive to create a good piece of writing, but they find it extremely stressful because of the lack of appropriate knowledge. Everyone should remember that they may say they don’t like writing and can’t do that only after they try all the available means of acquiring skills in this field. Anyway, it is more effective to learn the peculiarities of writing a specific essay type if you have the exact cases that assist you while learning.

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              How to Write a Hook for a Research Paper or an Entertaining Piece of Writing

              How to Write a Hook

              If you want to write good, you must remember one essential thing – you have to attract a reader from the very beginning with the first words that will catch their eye. It is up to you to decide what kind of intriguing words to choose, whether they will be of a philosophical character or funny.

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                How to Improve Your Writing in a Blink of an Eye

                How To Improve Your Writing

                Maybe, you’ve had a desire to take up some kind of writing, no matter for what purpose exactly, just the very fact. However, you find it difficult to get around to setting the ball rolling. There’s also a chance that you are neither into it nor haven’t ever tried to write. Anyway, the understanding that you have to learn the ins and outs of at least drafting writing comes pretty soon – as soon as you start looking for a job.

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                  The Benefits of Using a Mind Map in the Writing Process

                  The Benefits of Using a Mind Map in the Writing Process

                  We would like to present you the notion of a mind map and reveal insights into its principles which are able to accelerate the writing process and make it more effective. Take a look at the following suggestions to start developing your good writing skills right now.

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                    A Simple Set Of Rules For Writers To Achieve Acknowledgement

                    Set Of Rules For Writers

                    What are your first associations when you hear a word “writer”? Does this person appear in your mind like a good old knight of the pen holding a quill instead of the latter? Okay, now think of such writers like Jack London, Ray Bradbury, James Joyce, Ernest Hemingway and many other famous writers who had their works printed when they were at their early twenties. Moreover, there is a bunch of those who got their writings see the world much earlier. Overcoming a huge pile of difficulties and obstacles on your creative career is not a necessary condition to become a respected author whose books are read across the globe.

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                      7 Tips on How to Write a Novel

                      Write a Novel

                      What is a novel? It is nothing else but an invented story of considerable length that deals imaginatively with human experience. Usually through a connected sequence of events. Writing it requires mostly a good imagination.

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